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In just a couple of days, Meredith Manak was able to do the two magic things that make a Schoola fundraiser a runaway success: She added the email addresses of her school community and she worked with local businesses to put together fantastic deals.

Word got around. Have a look…

Now it’s your turn!

Are the November dates set yet? I want to run a local deal along with the national deals starting in November. Is that allowed? Also, is there a contract the business signs or is that all online once the deal is set up?

Asked by Anonymous

Hi - We have some exciting things coming up next month and will let you know as soon as we have specific dates. The good news is that we will be offering National deals over a few weeks so you will be able to run your fundraiser the week that works best for you! And all the contracts are built in, so when you send the deal to the business for approval they will be able to approve their deal and agree to the online contract. 

How do schools get the money? Do you send them a check? Is there a minimum that must be met before they get the money? How about the time frame? How quickly do schools get the money?

Asked by Anonymous

Hi - schools generally receive checks within one to two weeks of fundraiser close. There is no minimum that must be earned in order for a school to receive a check!

What happened to the Zulily deal? I tried clicking on the e-mail and nothing is coming up. Is it over? I got the e-mail initially on Wednesday and it is Monday.

Asked by Anonymous

Hi - our Shop for America’s Schools event ended on Friday which is why the deal is no longer available. But we will be hosting another great event starting the beginning of November so stay tuned for some more great deals that will give back to our schools!

When is the next event going to start? Are the some of the same deals going to reappear for those that missed out?

Asked by Anonymous

Hi - our next event is going to start in November. We’re hoping to have similar deals as we did for the Shop for America’s Schools event and hopefully add on some more great ones!

I cannot sign up or log in to purchase the shutterfly deal that is going on. I have tried and tried and cannot get in to purchase. I don't believe that my schools are signed up, but from what I read, I should still be able to purchase, correct?

Asked by Anonymous

Hello - you don’t have to login to shop at www.schoola.com.  Just click “add to cart” and proceed through checkout. You can then designate your school to receive the donation from this purchase.  If you’re still having issues, please give us a call at (855) 454-2956 and we’ll happily help you!

im confused as to how to start..

Asked by Anonymous

During this event week, Shop for America’s Schools, fundraising for your school is as simple encouraging your school community to shop the national deals available now at schoola.com — and in the purchase process, designate your school to receive the donation proceeds.  It’s as simple as that.  A check will come to your school in just a few weeks.  

Resuming next week, you can start a fundraiser anytime by creating a free Schoola fundraising event page adding your own deals from local businesses you love.

Can our pre-school use Schoola to raise money?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes!  Schoola is for all schools (public, private and preschool) and organizations

I would like to set up an account for a school and like to know your parameters for private -vs- public schools. Thanks! Stephanie Kremla Heng - Development Director @ Jesuit Academy in Omaha, NE 402-346-4464 x 16

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Hopefully our Schoola Coach answered all your questions!

Our school circulated a flyer about schoola asking us to sign up. I can't seem to see the link to sign up, only the one to sign in.

Asked by Anonymous

Hello, and thank you for inquiring into Schoola.

To answer your question, parents and school members were able to sign their school up to be eligible to receive donations from purchases through Schoola’s online fundraiser. They were also able to make edits to their schools specific page. Those options ended as soon as the fundraiser went live, on monday (24th), schools were locked in, and no more edits were allowed.

My guess, however, is that your school is already eligible to receive funds from purchases. So all you would need to do is go to www.schoola.com/shop, make a purchase then select your school to receive the funds.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t see your school, there is a way we can still activate schools.

Hope that answered your question, if not, please feel free to reach out again!